Historically, Gateway has been positioned as a niche consulting firm fueled by knowledge, experience, and relationships.  Gateway Consultants Group, Inc. was formed in 1994 by Thomas V. Chema.  His goal was to take advantage of the unique combination of knowledge, experience, and relationships he had developed in the public and private sectors.  Initially, the organization focused these strengths on ballparks and other public venues with the end goal being economic development.  By 2002, our reputation for economic development , relationship building, and devising creative solutions led to a broader client market and community reach. 

Gateway's success in managing sports and recreation facilities has allowed it to expand into other areas, i.e. health, social service, and overall community development.   Colleges, universities, social service agencies, hospitals and health systems requested that we apply our fundamental competencies, developing collaborations between the public and private sectors in order to strengthen businesses, communities, and citizens, to their processes.

Joan Mason, with a diverse background in business, health and human services joined the firm in 2002 as a principal consultant.  This marked the expansion and diversification of Gateway's client base and consulting services to include health and health care economics, social service, and community development programs.  In order to reflect the expansion, the company was renamed The Gateway Group.  In 2010, Gateway expanded again with the arrival of Mary Reed and her healthcare consulting practice and business associates from DMI Transitions.  At the same time, Gateway moved into its current location in the heart of Cleveland Ohio's Flats district.

Today, Gateway is an organization with a strong network of business and consulting partners.  Our products are diverse, professional consulting services.  The common thread is the use of the public-private partnerships to achieve economic development.  The target market will continue to be sports and recreation, health care providers, governments, businesses, and special not-for-profit agencies.  Our focus, as always, is on delivering superior customer value.