Gateway Sports & Recreation

Gateway was formed in 1994 by Thomas V. Chema in order to take advantage of a unique knowledge and experience base, and to assist public and private sector entities seeking to develop major projects such as arenas, ballparks, civic centers and stadiums.  Gateway succeeds by developing strategies and relationships that create broad based public support, including subsidies, combined with major private participation in such projects.

The principals of Gateway were personally involved in every phase of the development of the Gateway project that built Gund Arena and Jacobs field in Cleveland, Ohio.  As a result of this experience, Gateway successfully  demonstrated that ability to assist in the development of major infrastructure projects from conception to operation.  Gateway still provides consultation services, either as a complete package or in discrete segments, for all phases of a project, and at any stage in a project.

While Gateway does not routinely act as the "developer" of a project, we do share our experience as successful developers to enable projects to move forward smoothly, and with minimal expense.  Our approach is one of consensus building and problem solving.  We focus on getting the project done with efficient use of all resources: dollars as well as political capital.  Our goal is to assist clients in developing a strategy which will succeed, and then aiding the client in implementation of that strategy.

Gateway is a unique organization.  We are consultants who not only understand the theory underlying economics and the development of major infrastructure projects; we have also successfully completed projects which are among the largest of their type in the country.

Representative Project List

Jacobs Field, Cleveland Indians
    Full project management for city and county governments.

Gund Arena, Cleveland Cavaliers
    Full project management for city and county governments.

Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati Bengals
    Team project representative.

Pac Bell Park, San Francisco Giants
    Financing plan development for the team.

San Diego Ballpark, San Diego Padres
    Financing plan development for the team.

Fifth Third Field, Toledo Mud Hens
    Full project management for county government.

Canal Park, Akron Aeros
    Financing plan development for city government; lease negotiations.